Hello my lovelies!

Long time no blog.  I've been manically busy on lots of lovely interiors projects so thought I'd show you a little about some recent projects that have been keeping me so.  First up, I'm super proud of this bathroom makeover for a client in Regent's Park.  It within a beautiful Edwardian house, at which I've been lucky enough to design some of the rooms.  

In the master en-suite bathroom, my favourite design aspect is that I used zero tiles - not one single one. I wanted it to feel like a grand room in it's own right, and avoiding tiles, a typical bathroom essential, is a key part of the design to create this look.  We used glass for the shower interior and splash back, colour matching it to the wall paint. 

The previous owner had gone a bit "spanish hacinda" on the bathroom.  My client wanted to replace this with a luxury spa-like place to bathe. It was also important to be sympathetic to the original features of the house.  We stain matched new floorboards to the originals in the bedroom.  The additional of a wall of foxed vintage mirror by Rough Old Glass added some glamour, with low level lighting around the very beautiful bath from V+A baths. I'm so pleased with this project, and it seems the Houzz audience agree with me.  This bathroom has been pinned to over 20,000 idea books, meaning it's in the top 10 most popular bathrooms in the UK out of thousands on Houzz!  Let me know what you think!

All these lovely pictures where taken by the lovely Carole Poirot. And most of the accessories used to style the shoot are from West Elm.

Carry on scrolling down to see the "before" pictures too - for full transformation ta-da-ness!

And those before pictures ....

More projects coming soon!



Gosh it's been a hectic start to 2015 for  me.  Loads of really exciting stuff going down and details on it all soon, pinkie promise. There have been a few OOH moments for me over the last month, but none so mind blowing as the work of Zara Day.  


I found Zara Day of Rosemaryrose and her chairs at the recent Heals Modern Craft Market.  It was the first thing I saw on arrival & totally blew me away.  You see, I do love a bit of kooky upholstery and I also do love a bit of floral embellishment (see my own here) and Zara's embroidery work is a definite tick on both those counts.

The pretty designs are embroidered onto British made wool or silk, with applique and lots of other clever techniques, to create an eye popping tapestry of colour and texture.  Zara aims to promote these traditional crafts into the high-end luxury interiors market, and I think she's done it - I'm in!

Zara works primarily with interior designers, specialising in accent chairs but the principles can also be applied to cushions, footstools, lampshades etc.  If you're thinking of a redesign and would like one of these in your home, pleeeaaase do ask me for help.  Can you imagine a piece that was a visual combination of Zara's creativity plus the what goes on in my head - that most certainly would be a OOH to top all OOHs!










There really is no better way to give a room an instant spruce up, than adding some new cushions.  It's like a new hair do. A little extra glamour without making your credit card cry.

I've had a long term cushion crush on the work of Bianca Hall.  In fact, I was so in love with one of her  past collections, that I used it in 3 different client projects.  Given that I normally don't like to "cushion repeat",  this is quite some affirmation to the fact that Bianca does "good cushion".  Luckily for me, you, and my clients, Bianca has just created a new and pretty fabulous range of cushions, called the Tropica Collection.  Here's a selection of my favourites.

If you read Bianca's blog, French for Pineapple, you'll pick up that B has a bit of a penchant for pineapples.  You can see the influence of this on-trend fruit in the collection. With patterns first worked in paper cuts before going digital, and much trimming research, the detailed work that's led to this range is obvious in the perfectly finished designs.

These cushions (and there are napkins too) are exclusively available on Bianca's website. Prices start at £42.00 for a cushion, or £37.00 for a cover only. They're lovely on their own or try putting 2 or 3 different colours together.  I know B would be happy to advise on a good combo.  And just because I love you, the lucky FIRST 15 READERS to make a purchase will receive not only 15% DISCOUNT, but also a FREE notebook. Just add code MIS15 at the checkout.

Racing you to the "buy me" button.


Bianca's designs are also available as napkins

Bianca's designs are also available as napkins

TIMELAPSE: A photo shoot in 1.31 seconds

There is so much creative loveliness to take in on this information super highway - sometimes I just wish I could fast track it all into my brain.  Well I think I have the answer - time lapse photography!  

This is a shoot done at the workshops of Out of the Dark, for the furniture collaboration we have created together.  The warehouse full of "before" furniture, provided the perfect backdrop for our range, bought back to life in glorious jewel-like velvets.  My sh-amazing photographer, Paul Craig helped to create atmospheric shots to really evoke the nature of these pieces - bringing furniture out of the dark and into colour!

You may like to also watch my time lapse of styling the Brink stand at Tent last year and some luxury apartments in Gloucestershire.

If only Friday afternoons would go this quickly!  Happy weekend.


Time lapse photography by Happy Brewer  07977 237 280 

All photos at the end of the time lapse are C. Paul Craig.

Meet Daphne

Wow. What a whirlwind month September has been. Prepping, making, building, styling, curating, discovering, chatting, hosting, followed by de-rigging, packing and finally the obligatary post LDF illness. Putting on my own LDF show together with Out of the Dark was mega exciting but I now have a lot of catching up to do.  I can't believe I haven't even had a change to blog about the beautiful creations from the show.  So let me start by introducing you to Daphne.

Daphne is a beautiful vintage french bed.  She is upholstered in perhaps my favourite colour for velvet - a luscious deep green teal.  It reminds me of a peacock.  The woodwork is painted in a light blue/grey.  The 3-D handmade felt flowers in green/grey, navy and dusty pink, wind their way across the footboard, popping up briefly on the headboard.  Enough to be pretty yet high enough so as not to interfere with everyday use.  I can't tell you how long I spent putting my colour combos together.  It's something I love doing for clients, but for myself, for a furniture exhibition, its a whole different ballgame.  I'm really happy with the results.  Here's some photos by the lovely Paul Craig - let me know what you think about Daphne.

Daphne is a one off and available for sale for £1,350.  I've just taken a commission for a version of Daphne in clients own colour ways - can't wait to see what we come up with!

We are happy to take any commissions and work with you to create something that works for you, and your home or business.  Contact:

Meet more of the family next week!


All bedding is from Next with thanks.

My LDF14 - upholstery workshop with Out of the Dark

This week we're all hands on deck here getting ready for our exhibition at South Kilburn Studios for Queens Park Design District at London Design Week. Seeing my ideas turn into reality is the most awesome part of my job, so I'm really looking forward to this week.

This project had its first little spark from a conversation between Jade from Out of the Dark and myself, at one of their very special upholstery workshops. Lots of hard work and months later, our furniture collaboration is born!

I'm very happy to say Out of the Dark are going to be putting on another of their upholstery workshops at the studios, one week today, 15th September.  Learn the basics for upholstery and renovation with Jay, who really is the best teacher ever.  Maybe it could be the catalyst to get your own upholstery creative vibes going!  

I'll be on hand too to chat about any ideas you need help with design-wise.

The evening runs from 6pm-9pm and is an absolute bargain at £35. Plus you'll be the first to catch a look at our furniture collection, which will be in place from Monday - whoop whoop!

Book here to secure your place:

Here's some pictures from my evening to give you an idea of what to expect...

Hope to see you there!



Hello my lovelies,

Well, it's been a while hasn't it? A bit of radio silence on the blog from MIS Towers recently - we have been very busy on exciting things, which I happy can now share with you.

I'm jumping up and down with excitement as I can now announce that I have been working on a furniture collaboration with Out of the Dark, to show at London Design Festival, as part of the new Queens Park Design District.  If you've spoken to me in the last couple of months, I have probably mentioned this to you, as I'm not very good at keeping secrets.  Now all the pieces are just about finished and seeing them in real life, as opposed to in my head, is so awesome.  As an interiors creative, making products is something I have always longed to do.  I've known of  Out of the Dark since their early days, discovering them while designing for channel 5's Cowboy Builders.  I'm a huge supporter of Out of the Dark, in regard to both in the ethos of their work and the designs of their furniture.  A collaboration was inevitable!  I knew that these pieces had to be something we created together.  Hence The Flower Project collaboration was born. I'm going to be giving you lots more info in the run up to LDF, so stay tuned.

Here's a little glimpse of something we're using in the designs - a box full of hand made felt flowers.

More soon! Zoe. xxxx



P.S.I'm working on a bit a re-,style for my website and blog - work in progress at the moment, but what do you think?  (There has been a slight issue of a years worth of blog posts going missing in the process (whah!) but on-wards and upwards, hey!)