Gosh it's been a hectic start to 2015 for  me.  Loads of really exciting stuff going down and details on it all soon, pinkie promise. There have been a few OOH moments for me over the last month, but none so mind blowing as the work of Zara Day.  


I found Zara Day of Rosemaryrose and her chairs at the recent Heals Modern Craft Market.  It was the first thing I saw on arrival & totally blew me away.  You see, I do love a bit of kooky upholstery and I also do love a bit of floral embellishment (see my own here) and Zara's embroidery work is a definite tick on both those counts.

The pretty designs are embroidered onto British made wool or silk, with applique and lots of other clever techniques, to create an eye popping tapestry of colour and texture.  Zara aims to promote these traditional crafts into the high-end luxury interiors market, and I think she's done it - I'm in!

Zara works primarily with interior designers, specialising in accent chairs but the principles can also be applied to cushions, footstools, lampshades etc.  If you're thinking of a redesign and would like one of these in your home, pleeeaaase do ask me for help.  Can you imagine a piece that was a visual combination of Zara's creativity plus the what goes on in my head - that most certainly would be a OOH to top all OOHs!










I do love a bit of creative thinking.  It always ensures an exclamation from joy from me.  I'm also a fan of having your pretty personal possessions out on show, rather than gathering dust in the back of a drawer, whether styled in a vintage dome, upholstered into a chair, or in this case, framed on the wall.

Pandora from Selva London, has invented the most beautiful method of creating art for the wall by framing silk scarves. Either personal ones that you've collected, or choose from their every changing stock. The scarves are cleaned, restored, mounted and framed, to museum standard and in a bespoke perspex box. The attention to detail is incredible.

Its such a clever way to create impressive and unique art for your home.  In fact, I was so impressed when I first came across these, that I've been inspired to get one made myself.  I can't wait to show you!  

Until then, here's a few examples of what's currently available.  Be quick though as I expect they'll be selling like hot cakes at this time of year, wrapped with big Christmas presents bows!

Top row 1 Jean Desse £500. 2. Hermes £950, Bottom 3 Christian Dior £500., 4. Jacqmar £500.

All from

That's a big beautiful, framed in perspex OOH.



Things to make you go OOH #16

The world wouldn't be at ease unless I gave an OOH shout out to my favourite piece from my own collection now would it??  And believe me, there were audible OOHs - and not just from me - when this baby took centre stage at my exhibition for London Design Festival at South Kilburn Studios.  Meet BETTY BOO. I know I'm slightly biased, but really, she is pretty bloomin' lovely.

Betty Boo - Boudoir chair upholstered with love by Out of the Dark for our collaboration The Flower Project.  Lush orange velvet with pink piping and pink legs, and finished with handmade felt flowers in orange, pink and navy blue. One of a kind. £695.00  Photo credit: Paul Craig

Here is an Ode to Betty by Maddie Tunstall, who is working with me & Ms Boo on another project to be revealed soon. 

Orange velvet, pink piping and navy felt flowers - the Betty Boo chair shouldn't work.

But it does, big time.

The smart use of colour draws attention from the surroundings to the low, little 1950s boudoir chair. And the perfectly pitched shades never once say "look at me" but "look at the shape of this chair - look how the back broadens and the seat curves."

The mix of flowers carefully keep the upholstery from becoming alienatingly bold or garish and bring the eye to points that might be missed. They make the piece engaging without making it impractical.

You need to see these pieces in the flesh to appreciate the cleverness of Zoe Brewer and Out of the Dark's collaboration and why it works.  My gut reaction, like most who see the chair, was immediately.. to smile.



Things to make you go OOH #15

As you may have noticed, I'm very much into a bit of copper at the moment. Shiny metal buffed to a rich, almost pink patina - what's not to love? This OOH is the biggest yum of copper you ever did see - The copper clad Tay bath from Drummonds. If I was fully renovating my house right now, I'd happily put the kitchen on the back burner in order to fit this into the budget. The cast iron bath has copper sheet hand pressed on by copper experts (apparently they're roofers) which is then polished and laquered. It's not cheap;you could probably buy a small kitchen for the same price. But on the other hand, for a bath with this much "wow factor" its actually quite reasonable.

Things to make you go OOH #14

After a temporary lapse, I've got my OOHs back! It's sort of appropriate that the first OOHfor 2014 is number 14. The OOH list is not a long list, but rather a very carefully chosen selection of things that actually genuinely cause an audible "OOH" from me when I spy them.

I discovered this dressing table from West Elm while researching for a client.  I've always been a fan of a dressing table.  It always seems such a glamorous piece.  This herringbone mirrored option certainly fits in with my indulgent thoughts of powder puffs and lipsticks.  The truth is so often an overused mascara and a touche elat isn't it?!  A girl can dream though hey.

Herringbone mirrored dressing table from West Elm £394.95

Herringbone mirrored dressing table from West Elm £394.95

Do have a look through my other OOHs and let me know how many OOH you.


Things to make you go OOH # 13

Mostly, I love my job & everyday think how lucky I am to be doing something I love so much. However there are downsides. For me the main one is giving stuff back. This is how it goes - if I'm doing a shoot, lovely suppliers will sometimes lend me their lovely wares on the basis that I will make them look lovely on the telly or in a magazine and then lovely people will buy them. Good for everyone all round right? Apart from one tricky part - when I have to send the stuff back afterwards. You see mostly, although I'm picking thingsthat will fit the feature, I'm also naturally picking things that I like (and want) myself. So sending these pretty things back often results in loud stomping and sighing while packing, together with a sorrowful look at the OH, followed by a threat of divorce from him if I keep anymore "stuff". 

On my last shoot, I called in the classic Roberts Radio in "on trend" light pink. I love this so much, that I had to take a picture of it in my kitchen. I shall frame it and place on my bedside table, next to the picture of the kids. Maybe Santa will see it.


The Design classic DAB Roberts Radio.


Zoe x

Things to make you go OOH #12

I am a little obsessed with glass bottles. Particularly milk bottles, of which I have about 100. They're so versatile for styling and can be filled with different liquids, flowers, coloured items, etc. The icing on the cake is vintage bottles of course. My most amazing ones where rescued from those big black bins behind some shops (don't ask). To find good ones you need to scour car boots and dusty corners of vintage shops. Of course that's a bit time consuming, and wouldn't it be great if someone did that hard searching foryou, so that you could just order them from the comfort of your own home online? Well now, thanks to Pedlars Vintage Staples you can do just that.  The lovely Charlie Gladstone (read my interview with him last year here) has been searching out glass stock in the USA and bought us back this lovely lot.

Pedlars Vintage Staples glass bottles and jars selection £7.90-£29

There's blue headache cure bottles, green bottles embossed with a measuring scale and tiny bottles from a diner, used to give customers cream with their coffee.  Obviously as vintage finds, there are very limited numbers of each.

They go on sale from 8am Wednesday 23rd October on the Pedlars website, so elbows at the ready.

Which are your favourite? I love them all and want them all.  Just an all round big #OOHfrom My Interior Stylist HQ.


Things to make you go OOH #11

Sometimes you come across something and you think "YES! You are the one I've been looking for all my life".  On some occasions that might be a husband (already got one of those) and at others it may be something pink (already got plenty of that).  Then sometimes it's just a perfectly formed, beautiful object that fits the bill for you personally, right there, right then.  This desk had exactly that effect on me - the Mantis Desk, bySamuel Wilkinson from Case Furniture.



This is worth checking out for many reasons.

Firstly, it's exactly the right size.  I like a desk that you can spread out on, as I am always doing 3 things at once (minimum). Too small and you end up feeling cramped, or, I'm afraid, spreading to the floor. Too big and you're in dining table territory, with no room left for anything else in the office.

Secondly, it's calm. Desks must be calm and soothing in their design for me, ready to receive the insanity of my life and deal with it all without complaining. There are plenty of clever little attachments to help keep things neat and tidy - the drawer for papers, file holder and back panel for notes. Plus a handy little access panel at the back with a cable storage  hidy-hole.

Thirdly it is supplied by Case Furniture, designed by Samuel WilkinsonCase was the forerunner to the now rapidly growing list of suppliers who work with high end design names and create furniture lines that are beautiful, yet affordable to the masses.  This is a trend for which I'm a strong supporter. As well as the financial benefits, its really important to me that products will stand the test of time, both visually and physically, for both our homes and the planet. Case were the first to realise this market and now work with many high street retailers from Heals to John Lewis. Clever Case Furniture. Clever Samuel Wilkinson.

Could this be the perfect desk? I think it could be! Definitely worthy of an OOH badge.