There really is no better way to give a room an instant spruce up, than adding some new cushions.  It's like a new hair do. A little extra glamour without making your credit card cry.

I've had a long term cushion crush on the work of Bianca Hall.  In fact, I was so in love with one of her  past collections, that I used it in 3 different client projects.  Given that I normally don't like to "cushion repeat",  this is quite some affirmation to the fact that Bianca does "good cushion".  Luckily for me, you, and my clients, Bianca has just created a new and pretty fabulous range of cushions, called the Tropica Collection.  Here's a selection of my favourites.

If you read Bianca's blog, French for Pineapple, you'll pick up that B has a bit of a penchant for pineapples.  You can see the influence of this on-trend fruit in the collection. With patterns first worked in paper cuts before going digital, and much trimming research, the detailed work that's led to this range is obvious in the perfectly finished designs.

These cushions (and there are napkins too) are exclusively available on Bianca's website. Prices start at £42.00 for a cushion, or £37.00 for a cover only. They're lovely on their own or try putting 2 or 3 different colours together.  I know B would be happy to advise on a good combo.  And just because I love you, the lucky FIRST 15 READERS to make a purchase will receive not only 15% DISCOUNT, but also a FREE notebook. Just add code MIS15 at the checkout.

Racing you to the "buy me" button.


Bianca's designs are also available as napkins

Bianca's designs are also available as napkins