Christmas Styling goes Epic

Hello my lovely stylish friends.  Are you feeling the Christmas vibe yet?!  

I know it may sound cheesy but I goddamn love Christmas.  Festive styling fills me with absolute joy every year - no matter now many trees I decorate.  I'm particularly excited this year, as I have several big Christmas styling jobs, which means I get to style Christmas in more ways than one - yay!

The project I'm installing this week is going to be truely EPIC.  Literally - that is my brief.  That's the best brief ever, right?! MoneySuperMarket, well known for their kooky EPIC adverts, are putting on a rather exclusive VIP event.  Its going to be in an extremely cool loft style apartment in Shoreditch, with food, cocktails, DJs, and other awesome entertainment. 

This is a super fast turn around project, with less than 2 weeks to prep!  Sometimes that the best way to do things though I think.

I can't say much more about it at this stage, as its super exclusive, but I can tell you I have some pretty awesome props on the way..

So - thinking like this is sounding pretty cool?  Wishing you could come & join in the fun?  Well - ta da! Your wish could be granted!  If you want to be one of the lucky VIPs, plus see what I EPIC styling I come up with, you can win tickets here.

Honestly, its worth a shot.  There may be polar bears involved - that's all I'm saying.  

One thing's for sure - its gonna be EPIC!  

I'll report back after the event!


pink christmas