Cobblers with holes in their shoes.  That the term I think.  However skilled a crafts person one is for clients, when it comes to doing it for yourself, it's a whole different matter.  I've put off a much needed re-style of my own home for years, in favour of making over peoples houses look lovely. As well as a lack of time and space to think about it, there's the design overload issue.  I have so many ideas in my head, and when I meet I client, and see their house, it all fits together as to whats right.  But when I try to decide what to do in my own home, it's SO hard to filter the ideas down! Well, this year I've decided enough is enough, and the long overdue interior makeover at MIS Towers is underway!

So, this summer, I started out with the garden.  Without going too deep into soil make-up (I have), the basic problem in our garden is that it's clay based, like much of London, which means very bad drainage. Which means in the winter our garden looks like a wet Glastonbury after everyone has left. And then if any child/pet ventures out there, it instantly means mud everywhere in the house, unless they are towelled down at the door! It was the day that the dogs ran un-monitored into the house and jumped on the sofa with muddy paws that was the final straw.  Either the dogs go, or we get artificial grass!

So after harsh looks from the children, artificial grass it is!  This has quite literally changed my life. We can now flow in and out of the house without stress, and it looks SO good.

I designed the layout myself, and quite literally drew it on the back of an envelope.  My brilliant garden, Avni from Capital Landscapers then measured out everything (straight lines are key) and turned it into reality!

I wanted something that looked smart, but that was also good for entertaining, plus the trampoline has to stay! As it's sunken anyway, it totally works.

The key to realistic grass I reckon is to choose one with some different colour greens and even browns.  It's really important to get in samples, as it's not all about which is the most expensive.  I went for Grono - and I love it!

Here's a time lapse "before and after" courtesy of the OH.  Let me know what you think!


Zoe. xx