Things to make you go OOH # 13

Mostly, I love my job & everyday think how lucky I am to be doing something I love so much. However there are downsides. For me the main one is giving stuff back. This is how it goes - if I'm doing a shoot, lovely suppliers will sometimes lend me their lovely wares on the basis that I will make them look lovely on the telly or in a magazine and then lovely people will buy them. Good for everyone all round right? Apart from one tricky part - when I have to send the stuff back afterwards. You see mostly, although I'm picking thingsthat will fit the feature, I'm also naturally picking things that I like (and want) myself. So sending these pretty things back often results in loud stomping and sighing while packing, together with a sorrowful look at the OH, followed by a threat of divorce from him if I keep anymore "stuff". 

On my last shoot, I called in the classic Roberts Radio in "on trend" light pink. I love this so much, that I had to take a picture of it in my kitchen. I shall frame it and place on my bedside table, next to the picture of the kids. Maybe Santa will see it.


The Design classic DAB Roberts Radio.


Zoe x