Waiter! There's a bath in my bedroom!

Open plan living spaces are what everyone aspires to these days. Open plan living /dining/kitchen/playroom - basically no walls of any description in the main living area. I quickly became  a fan of this way of living after moving to London. When I first moved up to the city, we had a dining room, a pokey little room with a table, 6 chairs and not much else. I always thought it was a bit like eating in jail, and only actually ate in there about 3  times. It's not a realistic way to live your life, especially with kids.  But what about open plan living upstairs, in bedrooms & bathrooms?  Hotels were the innovators of the idea of putting a beautiful bath in the same room as an enormous bed, drenched in throws; as the competition was hotting up to produce the ultimate in luxury hotel breaks. Naturally, of course, we then all decide we want this luxury every day in our own homes, not just for special occasions. I would say with confidence that, when discussing bathroom projects with clients, the most common phases given to me are "luxury yet relaxed" & "hotel , spa feel".  If you're lucky enough to have the space to go open plan with your bath, I would say 100% do it, do it, do it.  And spend as much money as you can. A bath is an investment piece, and you don't want to have to rip it out in a couple of years.  Think outside the (bathroom) box. Place baths with space to walk around them, not against a wall. Basin stands don't have to be basin stands; think about using a dressing table or chest, vintage or modern depending on your decor. And definitely go for bling, whatever your own personal bling is, be it mirrors and chandeliers or simply clean lines, space and luxury  towels.

Important note: This may seem obvious, but was not to one client of mine, so just to be clear... the WC should not be open plan, and should definitely be  in a separate, non open plan room. (Sometimes I wonder how the world survives without designers, right?!)

Check out these baths by Victoria + Albert baths, which have been beautifully styled and show you perfectly what I'm on about.

Picture 180

This "Toulouse" bath is based on  French bateau baths from the 1860s, and yet looks so modern. Matched with a dressing table as a sink stand.

Picture 929

The Hampshire bath is more traditional in style, but equally luxurious.  Placing a bath in front of a huge window is my idea of heaven. Also note the pipe work comes directly from the floor rather than the wall, another luxury look technique. 

Picture 026

The Cabrits is shown here in the ultimate location, for those you love clean lines and space.


And if a bit of sparkle is your bling, check this out!  This shows that built in baths such as the Antibes, can still be used in the middle of a space, with a bit of creativity. Oh this is sooo my bling!


This one is perhaps not for the roof tops of London or New York, but a girl can dream! (Amalfi 55)


All V + A baths are made from 100% ENGLISHCAST®, a mix of rare volcanic limestone with resin and are so durable they come with a 25 year domestic guarantee. Check out the website for more yummy models. Plus you can follow them on twitter

Let me know what you think - do you like your baths bedside or in private?



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