Styling - what a glamorous job! I can totally get why people think that. After all, it's what pulled me into this industry.  Spending the working week styling beautiful products in beautiful homes, being the first to see new fabrics, furniture, paints and cushions and using them to create pretty rooms at other people's expense.

Well there is that. But the truth is, that part is the icing on the cake, the 10%, the big reveal.  The reality is that I'm a business and sales executive, project manager, budget creator, trades co-ordinator, psychologist, marriage counsellor, PA and sometimes, cleaner. Yep a cleaner.  To the point of slight OCD actually.  When I've spent months making something look amazing and then notice some dust, finger marks or horror of all horrors, a stain, it's straight to my tried and tested, ever ready bag of tricks for help.  This is my secret weapon. I'm very proud of my pink tool box, it's not your average tool box.  Yes there are screw drivers and hammers, but there is also a vast array of pins, ribbons, invisible wire and a library of every sticky tape/glue/velco product known to wo/man. Plus my cleaning kit.  All my tried and tested products for removing dust, all that sticky stuff and of course stains.  Stains on the carpet are literally stomach turning to me.  But I'm happy to let you into a secret - there's a little life saver that can totally remove carpet stains. 

Stylist, domestic goddess or just in a panic about spilling wine on your parents carpet - check out this little film I made for Dr Beckmann Carpet Stain Remover. This is now a essential part of the tool kit!

Lots of love, Zoe.x

*This film and post was created hand in hand with Dr Beckmann Carpet Stain Remover.