TIMELAPSE: A photo shoot in 1.31 seconds

There is so much creative loveliness to take in on this information super highway - sometimes I just wish I could fast track it all into my brain.  Well I think I have the answer - time lapse photography!  

This is a shoot done at the workshops of Out of the Dark, for the furniture collaboration we have created together.  The warehouse full of "before" furniture, provided the perfect backdrop for our range, bought back to life in glorious jewel-like velvets.  My sh-amazing photographer, Paul Craig helped to create atmospheric shots to really evoke the nature of these pieces - bringing furniture out of the dark and into colour!

You may like to also watch my time lapse of styling the Brink stand at Tent last year and some luxury apartments in Gloucestershire.

If only Friday afternoons would go this quickly!  Happy weekend.


Time lapse photography by Happy Brewer  07977 237 280 

All photos at the end of the time lapse are C. Paul Craig.