It's widely acknowledged that I do like a bit of kitsch.  No surprise then that the current bar and drinks trolley thing going down has me pretty excited.  I've been looking around for a suitably stylish one for MIS Towers, as I feel it's an absolute necessity for *whispers* Christmas. (Yep, let's delay talking about that thing for a bit longer please).  Actually its quite hard to find one that's a sensible price, while still being super cocktail worthy.  But I found one!  And when I found it, I did, in fact, go OOH, so this little baby has earned itself a lovely pink and shiny OOH badge. At only £199 from West Elm, its an absolute no-brainer.

Bar Cart, £199 from   West Elm  . Glass top shelf. Mirrored bottom shelf. On wheels. Hurrah!

Bar Cart, £199 from West Elm. Glass top shelf. Mirrored bottom shelf. On wheels. Hurrah!

Its circular and on wheels, so you could park it up as a side table when it's not filled with cocktails and pink champagne. Or even when it is. Which lets face it, it should always be. 

Seeing as I'm off to the Amara Blog Awards tonight in a cocktail dress, this seems like an appropriate OOH for today.  I may just stay in my cocktail dress until Christmas.  With the bar cart by my side.