Gosh it's been a hectic start to 2015 for  me.  Loads of really exciting stuff going down and details on it all soon, pinkie promise. There have been a few OOH moments for me over the last month, but none so mind blowing as the work of Zara Day.  


I found Zara Day of Rosemaryrose and her chairs at the recent Heals Modern Craft Market.  It was the first thing I saw on arrival & totally blew me away.  You see, I do love a bit of kooky upholstery and I also do love a bit of floral embellishment (see my own here) and Zara's embroidery work is a definite tick on both those counts.

The pretty designs are embroidered onto British made wool or silk, with applique and lots of other clever techniques, to create an eye popping tapestry of colour and texture.  Zara aims to promote these traditional crafts into the high-end luxury interiors market, and I think she's done it - I'm in!

Zara works primarily with interior designers, specialising in accent chairs but the principles can also be applied to cushions, footstools, lampshades etc.  If you're thinking of a redesign and would like one of these in your home, pleeeaaase do ask me for help.  Can you imagine a piece that was a visual combination of Zara's creativity plus the what goes on in my head - that most certainly would be a OOH to top all OOHs!