Things to make you go OOH #11

Sometimes you come across something and you think "YES! You are the one I've been looking for all my life".  On some occasions that might be a husband (already got one of those) and at others it may be something pink (already got plenty of that).  Then sometimes it's just a perfectly formed, beautiful object that fits the bill for you personally, right there, right then.  This desk had exactly that effect on me - the Mantis Desk, bySamuel Wilkinson from Case Furniture.



This is worth checking out for many reasons.

Firstly, it's exactly the right size.  I like a desk that you can spread out on, as I am always doing 3 things at once (minimum). Too small and you end up feeling cramped, or, I'm afraid, spreading to the floor. Too big and you're in dining table territory, with no room left for anything else in the office.

Secondly, it's calm. Desks must be calm and soothing in their design for me, ready to receive the insanity of my life and deal with it all without complaining. There are plenty of clever little attachments to help keep things neat and tidy - the drawer for papers, file holder and back panel for notes. Plus a handy little access panel at the back with a cable storage  hidy-hole.

Thirdly it is supplied by Case Furniture, designed by Samuel WilkinsonCase was the forerunner to the now rapidly growing list of suppliers who work with high end design names and create furniture lines that are beautiful, yet affordable to the masses.  This is a trend for which I'm a strong supporter. As well as the financial benefits, its really important to me that products will stand the test of time, both visually and physically, for both our homes and the planet. Case were the first to realise this market and now work with many high street retailers from Heals to John Lewis. Clever Case Furniture. Clever Samuel Wilkinson.

Could this be the perfect desk? I think it could be! Definitely worthy of an OOH badge.


Brilliant whites.

Wow. New York. What a trip! A mountain of design discoveries AND a really fun time with a lovely bunch of bloggers. There's so much to tell you... where do I start? With one of my favourite discoveries I think.

If you caught my last post about open plan bath/bedrooms, you'll know I'm a definite fan of open plan living. When I design a kitchen, I like to create a flow and feeling of oneness with the living and dining areas, an extension of the living space rather than a separate work space. I like a kitchen that is, well, as little like a kitchen as possible.  For me, wall cabinets are off the menu, instead utilising open shelves, pictures on the walls, original lighting, even wallpaper.  I find sleek white kitchen units are best teamed with this look. The problem with this for me has always been kitchen appliances. They are generally chrome or black in colour, and can be beautifully sleek, but they still say "kitchen". There is a limited number of white appliances available, but generally they are not high end or sexy.

So, when I saw the lastest Brilliant White Plus appliances range from Miele, I was extremely excited! (As the lovely Sherry Qualls from Miele will testify, having sat next to me at dinner on the first night of BlogtourNYC, she very politely listened to my jet lagged ranting and raving about how I'd been waiting for these all my life!) The sleek white glass coffee machines, plate warmers, convection and steam ovens, together with glossy white kitchen units, create the ultimate in sleek kitchen perfection. And luckily they are also available in the UK, known as Brilliant White. Its the ultimate backdrop to then add your own personal kooky.

Here's some lovely images of the Brilliant White Plus range in action:






miele logo2

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Images courtesy of Miele