Christmas goes Epic

I wrote recently about an exciting styling job that I'd been asked to style for a VIP house party for MoneySuperMarket.  I promised to tell you all about it afterwards, and so, as promised, I'm now able to reveal the results

The brief was "epic".  My interpretation of this was basically oversize Christmas props and fairy lights to the max!  This included metre wide helium balloons and a 2 metre wreath, glowing colour changing seats, led light balloon ceiling and about 1,000 fairy lights.  I think this all adds up to pretty epic myself!  Take a look at the pictures and let me know what you think!

I love a house party but it can be a worry if you love and cherish your home design! If you’re feeling inspired to have your own house party just make sure you have the right home insurance in place & party worry free!  There will be more pictures, videos and music from the party coming soon, so watch this space.

Happy party season!





Things to make you go OOH #19 The Christmas Mix

As it's nearly Christmas, may I present a super triple whammy OOH for you!!

I'm very strict about my OOHs.  I do have to actually give an OOH when I see something for it to qualify.  On a recent visit to my lovely and local Pedlars Store, there were OOHs a-plenty going down.  Hence my Christmas theme was decided.  It's very much a neon Christmas at the Brewers household this year.  Neon baubles for the tree in pink, orange and green, with presents wrapped, with brown paper packages tied up with string - pink neon string to be precise. The Christmas trio is rounded up with some brussel sprout crackers.  Christmas. Sorted.

There's gonna be a whole lotta OOHs in the Brewer household this Christmas.  

Zoe x


I do love a bit of creative thinking.  It always ensures an exclamation from joy from me.  I'm also a fan of having your pretty personal possessions out on show, rather than gathering dust in the back of a drawer, whether styled in a vintage dome, upholstered into a chair, or in this case, framed on the wall.

Pandora from Selva London, has invented the most beautiful method of creating art for the wall by framing silk scarves. Either personal ones that you've collected, or choose from their every changing stock. The scarves are cleaned, restored, mounted and framed, to museum standard and in a bespoke perspex box. The attention to detail is incredible.

Its such a clever way to create impressive and unique art for your home.  In fact, I was so impressed when I first came across these, that I've been inspired to get one made myself.  I can't wait to show you!  

Until then, here's a few examples of what's currently available.  Be quick though as I expect they'll be selling like hot cakes at this time of year, wrapped with big Christmas presents bows!

Top row 1 Jean Desse £500. 2. Hermes £950, Bottom 3 Christian Dior £500., 4. Jacqmar £500.

All from

That's a big beautiful, framed in perspex OOH.



Christmas Styling goes Epic

Hello my lovely stylish friends.  Are you feeling the Christmas vibe yet?!  

I know it may sound cheesy but I goddamn love Christmas.  Festive styling fills me with absolute joy every year - no matter now many trees I decorate.  I'm particularly excited this year, as I have several big Christmas styling jobs, which means I get to style Christmas in more ways than one - yay!

The project I'm installing this week is going to be truely EPIC.  Literally - that is my brief.  That's the best brief ever, right?! MoneySuperMarket, well known for their kooky EPIC adverts, are putting on a rather exclusive VIP event.  Its going to be in an extremely cool loft style apartment in Shoreditch, with food, cocktails, DJs, and other awesome entertainment. 

This is a super fast turn around project, with less than 2 weeks to prep!  Sometimes that the best way to do things though I think.

I can't say much more about it at this stage, as its super exclusive, but I can tell you I have some pretty awesome props on the way..

So - thinking like this is sounding pretty cool?  Wishing you could come & join in the fun?  Well - ta da! Your wish could be granted!  If you want to be one of the lucky VIPs, plus see what I EPIC styling I come up with, you can win tickets here.

Honestly, its worth a shot.  There may be polar bears involved - that's all I'm saying.  

One thing's for sure - its gonna be EPIC!  

I'll report back after the event!


pink christmas


It's widely acknowledged that I do like a bit of kitsch.  No surprise then that the current bar and drinks trolley thing going down has me pretty excited.  I've been looking around for a suitably stylish one for MIS Towers, as I feel it's an absolute necessity for *whispers* Christmas. (Yep, let's delay talking about that thing for a bit longer please).  Actually its quite hard to find one that's a sensible price, while still being super cocktail worthy.  But I found one!  And when I found it, I did, in fact, go OOH, so this little baby has earned itself a lovely pink and shiny OOH badge. At only £199 from West Elm, its an absolute no-brainer.

Bar Cart, £199 from   West Elm  . Glass top shelf. Mirrored bottom shelf. On wheels. Hurrah!

Bar Cart, £199 from West Elm. Glass top shelf. Mirrored bottom shelf. On wheels. Hurrah!

Its circular and on wheels, so you could park it up as a side table when it's not filled with cocktails and pink champagne. Or even when it is. Which lets face it, it should always be. 

Seeing as I'm off to the Amara Blog Awards tonight in a cocktail dress, this seems like an appropriate OOH for today.  I may just stay in my cocktail dress until Christmas.  With the bar cart by my side.



On Tuesday morning, I set off bright & early to the awesome Somerset House, with excited anticipation, ready to hear Dulux announce their Colour of the Year for 2015.  Dulux have a team of mega qualified colour gurus who reference huge amounts of global research, not only in design, but also in society in general, in order to select predictive trends for interiors for the coming year.  The trends for 2015 were beautifully styled in 3 room sets, with paint effects by the wonderful Marianne Shillingford, Dulux Creative Director (she is the most amazing lady, paint guru and goddess of all things colour).  The design concepts where further bought to life in a showcase of finishes from Material Lab.  I definitely spotted a couple of surfaces to slip into a scheme soon.

And so, I shall keep you in suspense no more (unless you follow my instagram and twitter accounts in which case you already know)... the DULUX COLOUR OF THE YEAR 2015 IS....... COPPER BLUSH.

Rebecca Williamson, Senior Colour Design & Content Manager at Dulux, said of the choice: “All research points to this orangey, coppery tone, as witnessed at global events from Stockholm and Milan to Shanghai, metallic colour tones are playing an increasingly important role in modern design. Great on its own, the colour also combines perfectly with pinks, neutrals, whites and other orange hues, as well as metallic colours such as gold. It also beautifully complements wood tones and can be brought to life by flesh pinks and earthy tones of clay”.

Isn't it just lush?  This little colour trend has been a personal friend to me for a while now (copper and pink - really, what is not to love) and I'm so happy it has pushed it's way to this title.  I think it looks gorgeous teamed with deep dark blues or maybe deep turquoise for extra cosy-ness, then add some tiny pops of mint and a little touch of light pink (obvs), plus of course plenty of shiny copper.

If you want to see a little film with me styling a kitchen with coppers and pinks earlier this year, you can do so in my news section.  

Let me know what you think of Copperblush.

Zoe x

All photography courtesy of Dulux.


There really is no better way to give a room an instant spruce up, than adding some new cushions.  It's like a new hair do. A little extra glamour without making your credit card cry.

I've had a long term cushion crush on the work of Bianca Hall.  In fact, I was so in love with one of her  past collections, that I used it in 3 different client projects.  Given that I normally don't like to "cushion repeat",  this is quite some affirmation to the fact that Bianca does "good cushion".  Luckily for me, you, and my clients, Bianca has just created a new and pretty fabulous range of cushions, called the Tropica Collection.  Here's a selection of my favourites.

If you read Bianca's blog, French for Pineapple, you'll pick up that B has a bit of a penchant for pineapples.  You can see the influence of this on-trend fruit in the collection. With patterns first worked in paper cuts before going digital, and much trimming research, the detailed work that's led to this range is obvious in the perfectly finished designs.

These cushions (and there are napkins too) are exclusively available on Bianca's website. Prices start at £42.00 for a cushion, or £37.00 for a cover only. They're lovely on their own or try putting 2 or 3 different colours together.  I know B would be happy to advise on a good combo.  And just because I love you, the lucky FIRST 15 READERS to make a purchase will receive not only 15% DISCOUNT, but also a FREE notebook. Just add code MIS15 at the checkout.

Racing you to the "buy me" button.


Bianca's designs are also available as napkins

Bianca's designs are also available as napkins

TIMELAPSE: A photo shoot in 1.31 seconds

There is so much creative loveliness to take in on this information super highway - sometimes I just wish I could fast track it all into my brain.  Well I think I have the answer - time lapse photography!  

This is a shoot done at the workshops of Out of the Dark, for the furniture collaboration we have created together.  The warehouse full of "before" furniture, provided the perfect backdrop for our range, bought back to life in glorious jewel-like velvets.  My sh-amazing photographer, Paul Craig helped to create atmospheric shots to really evoke the nature of these pieces - bringing furniture out of the dark and into colour!

You may like to also watch my time lapse of styling the Brink stand at Tent last year and some luxury apartments in Gloucestershire.

If only Friday afternoons would go this quickly!  Happy weekend.


Time lapse photography by Happy Brewer  07977 237 280 

All photos at the end of the time lapse are C. Paul Craig.