Designed and styled the Brink stand at Tent for London Design Festival for Confessions of a Design Geek. You can watch the 2 day set up in 2 minutes in this video!

Wow what a week! London Design Festival rocked – and I rocked it back. Hands up who is now struck down with the flu/a virus/delayed hangovers? It was so worth it though.  With truck loads of talent on show, it was super inspiring.

The highlight for me was styling Katie Tregidden‘s stand at Tent, for Brink, a sneak peak of what’s to come next year for this new show under Tent‘s banner. The aim of the show is to allow colleges and universities to present their best design graduates to the big wide design world. This year Katie curated a collection of 9 designers to give us an idea of what’s out there – some awesome stuff, some of which will soon be going into production, thanks to Katie and Brink. (Read more details about the designers on Katie’s blog Confessions of a Design Geek)

The stand design was challenging (please remind me straight lines do not exist in real life if I ever suggest something like this again) but I had a brilliant team of assistants, (thank you Anna & Heidi) plus all the designers, Tent build team and organisers plus Katie on hand to help!

Here’s a little time lapse to give you a glimpse into what was in involved to produce the stand, followed by day one at the show and the party, all squished into 2 minutes.  If you look hard, you might even see Jimmy MacDonald (Tent Show Director) getting involved with electric tools!